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5 St-oar Ratings


Oh man. This is going to blow my socks off! I can not wait to try 😍😍😍


Love everything I tried, just had to say! Mixed Berry is excellent 👌 Looking forward to trying the Strawberry Rhubarb Seltzer I ordered online today 👍


Your raspberry watermelon is one of my favourites!!


You guys have the best Ciders of all in my opinion & Your seltzerse are also VERY good 😍 #TeamCider for me!

Mrs Hachey

Soooo. The BEST tasting seltzer ever made to this day is now adding a new flavor to their already awesome flavored drinks. Summer adventures are off to a good start 🌞🌊


Love These!!! You're ciders are delicious 😍


I just tried your cider for the first time and it's a perfectly balanced bevy. It's gonna be a good summer! 👏 👏

Mike Taylor

Absolutely terrific cider. I discovered it this spring and I'm glad I did.


These are amazing and an absolute need in the fridge stock! Loved them!


Stop it right now!! TAKE MY MONEY! 🍑🍑🍑


Can we have a fridge like this filled with just No Boats On Sunday 😛


Peach and Cranberry. Why must you taunt me so!? I must have.


If I could only get this in the states...I fell in love with this cider on my trip to Halifax 2 years ago.