No Boats On Sunday

No Boats On Sunday - #SlowDownOarsUp

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When your relaxation is earned, it just tastes better. Arms tired from a week of work on the docks, or let’s be honest, in the office. We make our cider with locally grown apples.

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Live By It

No Boats. No work.

Cheers To It

Refreshingly Canadian.


Original BC Cider

Original BC Cider

Raspberry & Watermelon Spiked Seltzer

Raspberry & Watermelon Spiked Seltzer

ON Peach Cider

ON Peach Cider

New ON Pear Cider

New ON Pear Cider

  • 5.0%

  • 473mL

    Per Can
  • 100%


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5 St-oar Ratings

Dayna @daynaburg

They talk about the song of the summer but this right here is THE DRINK of the summer! So good! So refreshing!!!👏😍❤️🛶

Cailea Cailea91

Soooo absolutely delicious cant wait to get it in the summer rotation for cottage lake beverages with the crew! ❤️🙌 Way to go NBOS 🍻

Jacks @jacquim7

This is one of the best ciders I’ve had! Loved the crisp fruity taste! Cant wait to be sipping these at the cottage this summer 🍐🤤


Love everything I tried, just had to say! Mixed Berry is excellent 👌 Looking forward to trying the Strawberry Rhubarb Seltzer I ordered online today 👍

Rachel @rachel.oneil1

Honestly the pear is my favourite!! it was so good I didn’t let my husband try it 🤣🤣 told him he has to wait for it lol


Your raspberry watermelon is one of my favourites!!


You guys have the best Ciders of all in my opinion & Your seltzerse are also VERY good 😍 #TeamCider for me!

Mrs Hachey

Soooo. The BEST tasting seltzer ever made to this day is now adding a new flavor to their already awesome flavored drinks. Summer adventures are off to a good start 🌞🌊


Love These!!! You're ciders are delicious 😍


I just tried your cider for the first time and it's a perfectly balanced bevy. It's gonna be a good summer! 👏 👏

Mike Taylor

Absolutely terrific cider. I discovered it this spring and I'm glad I did.


These are amazing and an absolute need in the fridge stock! Loved them!


Stop it right now!! TAKE MY MONEY! 🍑🍑🍑


Can we have a fridge like this filled with just No Boats On Sunday 😛


Peach and Cranberry. Why must you taunt me so!? I must have.


If I could only get this in the states...I fell in love with this cider on my trip to Halifax 2 years ago.


From the crisp taste of the ciders to the refreshing taste of the seltzers, all of the products are just superior to other brands.


No boats is hands down the best cider I’ve had… to be honest I’m drinking one now. Also it’s Canadian!! How can you not love it?


I love NBOS because they have a variety of ciders, that’s all that I drink besides coffee and water Cheers!!!


I love the cider, love the overall aesthetic and what the brand represents! I tried NBOS a few months ago and fell in love!


It is my favourite lake side fire side drink! NBOS is always the perfect sip!


I love NBOS! I am an avid cider drinker but I don’t love drinks that are super sweet. You get the crisp cider flavour without feeling gross after drinking it.


I love NBOS because they are proudly Canadian, are always innovating their products and have the best cider on the market!


Love the variety of flavours because there’s one for everyone’s preference.

Melissa @missbuck17

Already tried this and all I can say is it’s PEAR-licious!🍐 🍐 🍐 Definitely will be my new summer drink!! Can’t wait to stock up once it’s in stores!🙌 #OarsUp

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